Complete organization of funerals Lake Maggiore: contacts our funeral home

When a loved one is missing the last thing you have the strength to think about is the organization of funerals. In the moment of mourning , many certainties fall,and knowing that you can count on someone can really make a difference.

The organizational skills of Onoranze Funebri Lago Maggiore, operating throughout the area of Lake Maggioreand its surroundings, allow the customer to fully rely on the organization of the funeral, knowing that they have delivered a significant moment of their own in the hands of funeral experts life.

Funeral s, rituals that accompany those who have left us, are very important events for all those who participate.

To those who want to pay a last touched and intense greeting to their loved ones, our funeral home agency offers a unique and personal service.

Our staff will be able to advise you on any type of problem and on the most apprpriate solution, based on your wishes and those expressed by your loved one before dying.

For the complete organization of funeral in the area of Lake Maggiore and its surroundings, contact without hesitation Onoranze Funebri Lago Maggiore.

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Concrete support in the menagment of funeral

The “Lago Maggiore” Funeral Directors’ agency boasts an attentive and discreet staff, able to always address the needs of the deceased’s loved ones in a sensitive and attentive way, to meet every situation in a effective and shiny.

The agency offers complete services and carries out numerousactivities for an impeccable organization of funeral for the area of Lake Maggiore and surroundings: dressing of the body, transport of the coffin by car, a wide choice of urns and funeral furnishings, handling of cemetery practices and floral arrangement of religious ceremonies.

Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore” takes care of all the bureaucratic needs of the case.

Every subsequent aspect is taken care of with attention, from the posting of funeral posters, to the movements, up to the organization of the ceremony of final farewell, including floral arrangements.


Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore” has 5 offices well distributed throughout the territory, ready to accommodate any request from its customers. We offer a emergency service active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the operational offices of Monvalle, Travedona Monate, Ispra, Brebbia and Laveno Mombello.

329 089 7290

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