Obituaries and posters

Compilation and publication obituaries and posters “Lago Maggiore”

Obituaries and posters represent the main vehicle for informing the community of the disappearance of a loved one. At the same time, they provide all the information useful for attending the funeral, in particular those relating to the time and place where the funeral will take place.

Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore”, with 5 offices in the province of Varese, provides customers with a service for the creation and publication of obituaries and posters for the Lake Maggiore area and its surroundings, also dealing with printing, as well as drafting and posting.

Obituaries and posters are made and posted directly by our funeral agency according to the family’s instructions.

They can also be customized with phrases, thoughts and images of your choice.

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Farewell phrases, dedications and funeral posters

The staff of Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore” is at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable graphic and textual solutions to best honor the memory of the dearly departed. We provide assistance for the compilation of obituaries, creating farewell sentences and dedications, indicating within the announcement and the funeral posters also all the information necessary to participate in the ceremony or the wake.

We can create any type of poster, dealing with everything related to graphics with or without the image of the deceased and strictly following the instructions of the family.

We also guarantee the publication of obituaries throughout the Lake Maggiore area, supporting the relatives of the deceased in carrying out all the procedures before and after the funeral.

Lake Maggiore obituaries and posters: where

I would find Available 24 hours a day, Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore” offers an obituary service and posting posters throughout the Lake Maggiore area. Our historical headquarters area in Monvalle, and then there are those of Ispra, Travedona Monate, Laveno Mombello and Brebbia.
We are also active in Angera, Leggiuno, Cuveglio, Besozzo, Cocquio Trevisago, Lake Maggiore, Cadrezzate, Gemonio and Caravate.


Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore” has 5 offices well distributed throughout the territory, ready to accommodate any request from its customers. We offer a emergency service active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the operational offices of Monvalle, Travedona Monate, Ispra, Brebbia and Laveno Mombello.

329 089 7290

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