Report of death

Report of death Lago Maggiore: contact a competent funeral home

The Funeral Directors “Lago Maggiore” ensures the handling of funeral procedures throughout the Lake Maggiore area.

Thanks to our 5 officies in the area, we take care of the death report with meticulous precision and the utmost timeliness, supporting family members in all the necessary bureaucratic steps. The legislation, in fact, imposes a series of obligations related to the death of a person.

First of all, our collaborators will proceed to report the death, within 24 hours of the death, to the civil status office of the Municipality where the death occurred, so that the latter can draw up the relative death certicate by inserting it in the appropriate register.

The death report contains the personal details of the deceased: name, surname, place and date of birth, residence, citizenship, marital status and, in the case, the name and surname of the spouse.

Onoranze Funebri Lago Maggiore takes care of the funeral procedures with professionalism and competence including the death report in the Lake Maggiore area and neighboring towns.


Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore” has 5 offices well distributed throughout the territory, ready to accommodate any request from its customers. We offer a emergency service active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the operational offices of Monvalle, Travedona Monate, Ispra, Brebbia and Laveno Mombello.

329 089 7290

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