Vestition of corpses

Vestition of corpses Lake Maggiore: recomposition and dressing of corpses

Take care of your loved one for the last farewell relatives and  friends, following the directions and using the clothes chosen by the family, is one of the most delicate and important tasks that follow the death of a decessed.

At the request of the customers, our highly qualified staff is able to promptly intervene with professionalism, taking care of the deceased loved one, supporting you in such a painful moment.

We at Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore” deal with professionalism and utmost attention to the recomposition and dressing of the bodies for the area of Lake Maggiore and neighboring areas.

Great respect and consideration characterize the work of dressing the deceased by providing thanatocosmesis and thanatoesthetic services.

The preparation phase between the passing away, the abandonment of the earthly remains, is a fundamental moment for us and that is why it is carried out with respect and utmost attention.

We operate in the area of Lake Maggiore and neighboring locations.

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The rite of dressing the body

The dressing of the body is the preparatory rite that precedes the visit of relatives and friends for the final farewell.

Hence, the legitimate desire to give the lamented an aspect as decent as possible and in conformity with his identity, the way of being and appearing that characterized him when he was still alive.

The people in charge of dressing the bodies of the Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore”, available 24 hours a day throughout the Lake Maggiore area, will take care of composing and solemnly dressing the body to prepare it for the last visit of the relatives to its physical remains, both whether he is in his home or in the hospital or morgue.

It will be our care to ensure that the body can project an image as serene as possible, of full acceptance of one’s destiny.


Onoranze Funebri “Lago Maggiore” has 5 offices well distributed throughout the territory, ready to accommodate any request from its customers. We offer a emergency service active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the operational offices of Monvalle, Travedona Monate, Ispra, Brebbia and Laveno Mombello.

329 089 7290

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