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Animal Funeral Services

Last farewell to your faithful friend

The disappearance of our pet is always a time of great pain. Being animal lovers too, just like you, we would like to offer you support in the most difficult task that awaits you: the last farewell to your companion of adventures. 

“Lago Maggiore” funeral services will guide you in all its phase, from the withdrawel of the remains to the conservation of the same, up to the cremation and the return of the run satisfying all your needs. 

Our services: 

• Cremation: the cremation takes place at an authorized center with return of the ashes and standard urn included in the price.

• Documents: we take care of all the paperwork. 

• Transport: collection of the body and delivery of the urn directly to your home or to your trusted veterinarian. 

• Urns: There is the option to customize your pet’s unique urns or keepsakes.

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