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Transport by Funeral Car

Transport by funeral car Lago Maggiore: contact our funeral home

Elegant, with suitable and respectful staff.

The funeral car transport service of Onoranze Funebri Lago Maggiore for the lake Maggiore area represent one of the most requested and certainly the most important services in organizing the funeral.

As a rule, the transport by hearse is carried out by four people, regardless of the type of car and wagon chosen.

It starts from the funeral home, with possible stop for religious function or civil ceremony, with destination the burial cemetery or the cremation plant.

For this service, Onoranze Funebri Lago Maggiore avails itself of a modern and constantly renewed fleet of high- level funeral cars, among the best in Italy. We are, in fact, equipped for short and long trips, taking care of fulfilling the practices relating to funeral transport.

For transport by funeral car in the area of  Lake Maggiore and its surroundings, you can contact the “Lago Maggiore” funeral agency without hesitation. 

• Via Matteotti 10 - 21020 Monvalle VA

• Via Milite Ignoto 95 - 21027 Ispra VA

• Via Cavour 12 - 21028 Travedona Monate VA

• Via Garibaldi 77 - 21014 Laveno Mombello VA

• Via Matteotti 35 - 21020 Brebbia VA

• Via Europa 20/A - 21038 Leggiuno VA

 +39 0332 799717

 +39 329 0897290

P.IVA: 03404670121