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Wide choice of Lago Maggiore funeral urns: contact our funeral home

The funeral urns are casket designed to keep the remains of the deceased loved one after the cremation process.

Once the cremation has been carried out, the ashes will be deposited inside the cinerary urn to then be kept in foster care at home, scattered or buried.

Onoranze Funebri Lago Maggiore has a wide range of funeral urns for the Lake Maggiore area and its surroundings, available in different shapes and sizes and with different characteristics and materials.

In one of 5 offices in the province of Varese you will find a rich catalogue of urns for containing the ashes of the dead subjected to cremation.

Our urns can be made with different materials such as steel, wood, or marble, all capable of ensuring high performance in terms of resistance, and can be customized on the surface with artistic and religious decorations. We operate in the area of Lake Maggiore and neighboring locations.

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We think of everything

The Onoranze Funebri Lago Maggiore offers complete funeral services in the area of ​​Lake Maggiore and its surroundings, managing to lighten the burden of obligations that the loved ones of the deceased would otherwise have to bear entirely, making, as far as possible, the farewell phase is lighter. The service aims to cover at every stage
the whole path of logistical and bureaucratic organization linked to the unfortunate event. In addition to dressing the body and organizing funerals, we also take care of obituaries and posters, floral arrangements, death notification, cremation, coffins and funeral urns and funeral furnishings.

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